Frogs around a pond booklet - last updated 15/6/20


This booklet covers the armies of Greece from the beginning of the first Peloponnesian War until hoplites were replaced by thureophoroi and pikemen. 

24/3/20 - significant edits to the Thessalian list, and allies added to most lists.. Many thanks to Sid Bennett!
2/2/20 - edited the number of heroes in most lists.
26/11/19 - changed the number of generals in all list to 2-4.
18/10/19 - added a new Kyrenean Greek list.
1/10/19 - added a new Mercenary Greek list. Edit to the number of generals across most lists.
12/6/18 - the Rise of Macedon list has been re-branded Alexandrian. Macedonian, and moved to the Kingdoms of the East booklet.
12/10/17 - edits to minima on all lists to standardise the value of compulsory units. Many thanks to Tim Thompson!

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