High Medieval booklet- last updated 25/2/19


This new booklet of army lists covers the High Medieval period, which stretches from 1000 to 1300 CE, with the exception of far-Eastern lists which live in the Oriental booklet.

25/2/19 - rewrote Teutonic knight list.
21/2/19 - added a new Feudal German list- many thanks to Philip Garton!
4/1/19 - minor corrections to various lists, many thanks to Chris Winter!
14/11/18 - added a new Medieval Welsh list.
18/10/18 - added new Feudal French list.
10/9/18 - correction to the Communal Italian list.
2/8/18 - a new Italo-Norman list replaces previous Sicilian Normans.
17/10/17 - Adjusted minima on most lists to fall within the 76-79 point range. Many thanks to Tim Thompson!

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