Kingdoms of the East booklet - last updated 20/6/20


...being the army lists of Alexander's Successors and various other eastern despots.

21/5/20 - edits to the Alexandrian/Imperial Macedonians. Many thanks to Justin Vorhis!
1/3/20 - added rhomboids to Thessalians.
3/2/20 - edited the number of heroes in most lists.
30/11/19 - minor corrections to unit costs in Early Achaemenids.
26/11/19 - changed the number of general to 2-4, minor changes to some lists.
1/10/19 - significant edits to the Galatian list.
8/5/19 - Moved Graeco-Indian and Graeco-Bactrian to a new Across the Indus! booklet.
25/2/19 - removed cataphract wedges from the Imperial Seleucid list.
12/6/18 - moved the Alexandrian Macedonian list into this booklet; also a greatly extended Alexandrian Imperial list, courtesy of Justin Vorhis- thanks Justin!
13/10/17 - minima of armies adjusted to 76-79 points- many thanks to Tim Thompson!

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