Later Medieval booklet- last updated 8/7/20


This booklet of army lists covers the Later Medieval period from around 1300 to 1500 CE, excluding those armies in the Oriental booklet.

8/7/20 - Further edits to the Later Italian Condotta list.
12/6/20 - edits to the Later Italian Condotta list. More Infantry permitted, and different Almughavars.
17/2/20 - moved the Later Medieval Hungarian list to the new Medieval Balkans booklet.
3/2/20 - edited the number of heroes in most lists.
13/12/19 - Added a new Hussite list, written by Peter Anderson. This is the first list with a lot of war wagons; and all the more interesting for it!
23/11/19 - Added a new Later Medieval Portuguese list. Rewrote the Castilian list to include Aragon and renamed it Later Medieval Spanish. Increased the number of generals in some lists.
18/11/19 - Removed compulsory bombard from Later Burgundians.
26/10/19 - Issued extra 2HCCW to Swiss and Landsknecht pike, representing the large number of halberdiers in their formations.
12/10/19 - Added a new Low Countries list, and edited the Burgundian Ordonnance,  Habsburg Burgundian and Swabian League lists. Thanks to Tim Thompson for assistance with editing.
20/9/19 - Edited the Medieval Irish list, many thanks to Andy Green.
10/7/19 - Added a new Swabian League list. This is in a different colour, green, because it will eventually sit in the Renaissance booklets. Many thanks to Matthew Hotston!
1/6/19 - added a new Habsburg-Burgundian Netherlands list.
1/5/19 - added a new Later Medieval Polish list.
19/4/19 - added a new Later Swiss list.
18/4/19 - added a new Later Medieval Hungarian list. Many thanks to Phil Garton!
3/1/19 - minor corrections to various lists. Many thanks to Chris Winter.
17/10/17 - adjusted minima on all lists to 76-79 points- many thanks to Tim Thompson!

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