Later Medieval booklet- last updated 19/4/19


This booklet of army lists covers the Later Medieval period from around 1300 to 1500 CE, excluding those armies in the Oriental booklet.

19/4/19 - Added a new Later Swiss list.
18/4/19 - Added a new Later Medieval Hungarian list. Many thanks to Phil Garton!
14/2/19 - Removed one Milanese veteran Later Knight upgrade from the Later Italian Condottieri list.
3/1/19 - minor corrections to various lists. Many thanks to Chris Winter. I also removed deeper infantry from the Later Medieval German list, although people are welcome to use these at Chalgrove should they wish.
21/11/18 - minor revisions to the 100 Y W English, French and Free Company lists.
17/10/17 - adjusted minima on all lists to 76-79 points- many thanks to Tim Thompson!

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