Rise of Rome booklet - last updated 8/7/20


This group of lists address the rise of the Roman Republic including the early wars in Italy, the epic struggle with Carthage, the defeat of the kingdoms founded by Alexander's successors, Caesar's conquest of Gaul and the Roman Civil War.

8/7/10 - rewrote the Camillan and Polybian Roman lists to incorporate the new quincunx unit.
6/4/20 - edit to shieldwall in the German list.
1/3/20 - added rhomboid to the Pyrrhic list.
2/2/20 - edited the number of heroes in most lists.
26/11/19 - change generals in all lists to 2-4, minor changes to some lists.
29/9/19 - revised the Dacian and Sarmatian lists, many thanks to Dave Watson!
10/9/19 - edits to the Gallic list.
14/3/19 - removed many of the small units from the Camillan Roman, Samnite and Southern Italian lists. Many thanks to Ken Tahacs Jr. 
27/1/19 - added historical background material, kindly written by Scott Karakas, to the Polybian list.
8/1/19 - minor corrections to various lists- many thanks to Chris Winter
8/11/18 - published extended notes on the Marian Roman, Gallic and German army lists, kindly written by Scott Karakas.
27/11/17 - new Southern Italian tribes list, revised Samnites, added standards to several lists.
15/10/17 - revised the minina in most lists to fit within a common 76-79 point range; many thanks to Tim Thompson.

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