Across the Indus! booklet - last updated 30/10/19


This new booklet will include all the armies of India and the Hindu Kush. It includes some existing army lists, from other booklets. but mostly new ones. The majority of the lists were written and edited by Justin Vorhis (many thanks!) and myself; thanks also to Tim Thompson for checking them. In time I plan to add further lists for the Middle Ages. It would be great to think that they might encourage greater wargaming of Indian history- a much-neglected area!

30/10/19 - added a new Later Muslim Indian list, a real humdinger!
24/10/19 - Added Indo-Skythians- many thanks to Justin Vorhis!
26/9/19 - Added Hephthalites (White Huns)
8/5/19- New lists uploaded!