Battle mat gripper for 4' x 3' mats


The battle-mat gripper provides an excellent underlay for use with the cloth Deep-Cut mats. 

Slightly tacky, it prevents mats from sliding or bunching during play. It weighs around the same as the equivalent sized cloth mat (less than 0.25kg) and when not in use, it can be folded up to A4 size, around 4cm deep.

As well as preventing slippage, the underlay is slightly "springy" and provides a comfortable surface to game upon. When used with a cloth mat it gives a similar effect to gaming on a mouse mat- even better, the mat/gripper combination weighs only 25% of the weight  of the equivalent mouse mat and is far easier to transport and store.

This is the same material I used under all my own participation games at shows- if you have gamed with me, you have gamed on it!  :-)  Deep-Cut mat not included.