Early Medieval booklet- last updated 16/12/19


This booklet of army lists covers the Early Medieval period from around 600 CE to 1000 CE, excepting Far Eastern lists which are stored in the Oriental booklet.

16/12/19 - added a Papal banner to the Norman and Landwaster to the Viking lists.
2/12/19 - minor correction to Norman list.
24/11/19 - minor updates to most lists. All lists now have four generals.
3/11/19 - added a new Magyar list. 
24/10/19 - lots more edits to Frankish, Norman and other lists.
18/10/19 - added a new Western Frankish list.
18/4/19 - added a new Early Hungarian list- many thanks to Philip Garton!
24/2/19 - published heavily revised Umayyad, Berber and Al Andalus lists, many thanks to Philip Garton!
7/2/19 - re-added the Abbasid list, which had escaped.
21/11/18 - added a new Abbasid Caliphate list, written by Phil Garton.
9/11/18 - added Early Frankish list.
16/10/17 - updated lists to standardise minima of most lists in the 75-79 range. Many thanks to Tim Thompson!