Frogs around a pond booklet - last updated 9/1/19


This booklet covers the armies of Greece from the beginning of the first Peloponnesian War until hoplites were replaced by thureophoroi and pikemen (covered by the Hellenistic list in "Rise of Rome").

9/1/19 - minor corrections to some lists, many thanks to Chris Winter!
9/11/18 - added hamippoi light infantry cavalry supports to various lists.
12/6/18 - the Rise of Macedon list has been re-branded Alexandrian. Macedonian, and moved to the Kingdoms of the East booklet.
20/3/18 - added Leonidas I and Agesilaus II as "great leaders" to the Spartan list
12/10/17 - edits to minima on all lists to standardise the value of compulsory units. Many thanks to Tim Thompson!