The Thracians have arrived! February 23 2016

Not one list but two- one n the Frogs around a Pond booklet, and the other in Kingdoms of the East. Enjoy!

Army lists re-organised! December 17 2014

I have added a couple more lists (English Kingdoms and Normans) and reorganised all the lists into 5 separate "booklets" by period, and an Index.  The new lists can be downloaded for free from the catalog.

I've also increased the cost of Indian elephants to 8 points.

New Ptolemaic basic army lists added December 11 2014

I've just added two new army lists, one covering the Ptolemaic army during the life of Ptolemy I, and the other taking the kingdom up to the period of Roman intervention.  The lists can be found here:

5 new army lists! December 07 2014

Over the last ten days I have added five more army list to the free army list spreadsheet:-

Germans, Dacians, Sarmatians, Rise of Macedon, Macedonian Imperial

This week I'll be adding more Successor lists.