About "To the Strongest!"

“When he (Alexander), at length, despaired of life, he took off his ring and handed it to Perdiccas.  His friends asked: "To whom do you leave the kingdom?" and he replied: "To the strongest!"   Diodorus Siculus, the Library of History

To the Strongest! is the overall brand for several (hopefully, eventually, many) sets of wargames rules. At the moment there are two; an ancient/medieval set called simply "To the Strongest!" and a new English Civil War set, called “TtS! For King and Parliament.”

Battles fought using the TtS! rules can be fought with model soldiers, on a dining room table and won or lost in less than two hours. The rules also support huge battles, with several thousand figures and up to five players a side.

A grid enables players to completely dispense with measurement, and so permits the game to move along at a cracking pace. Miniatures can be in any scale from 2mm to 5mmm and based for any of the common wargaming rules systems. To the Strongest! games use a unique activation system driven by either playing cards or chits. This system introduces uncertainty to a battle; in some turns a unit can move four or five times, and in others not even once. The same deck is used to resolve shooting and melee. No dice, whatsoever, need be rolled!

The rules include terrain placement and points values to support those players who wish to play competitively. Numerous army lists can be downloaded, for free, from the BigRedBatShop.

TtS! Rules are written in plain English, with appropriate diagrams, sample lists and many examples of play. They are copiously illustrated with pictures of battles and beautifully painted miniatures. They have proved popular with veteran and novice wargamers alike!

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