More army lists! November 14 2018

I've recently posted various new army lists, in the Early and High Medieval booklets and in the Oriental book. These include Eastern Frankish, Feudal French, Medieval Welsh and Warring States and Ch'in Chinese. Enjoy!

Mats on sale! October 01 2018

I've just put all the Fields mats and all the Western Desert mats on a 10% off sale!

All the mats in all the sizes! September 19 2018

I've just received a big mat restock- for now, I have everything in stock! :-)

Lots of new bases! September 05 2018

I've added a bunch of new base designs to the shop  Many of these are for King and Parliament, others suit both sets of rules. Some of the FK&P bases give the flexibility to add extra files to units, there are also casualty bases and a new base for field artillery pieces. I've also introduced some new packs for those who want to base their cavalry one rank deep. You can find all the Batbases here:

The first For King and Parliament Army Lists are published! August 08 2018

Four lists, so far; more will follow over the coming months. You can download, for free, from here.


New army Lists! August 02 2018

I've added Italo-Normans to the High Medieval booklet and Timurids to the Late Medieval booklet. The Timurids have some most unusual unit choices!

TtS! Ancient and Medieval rules - flash summer sale! July 11 2018

I've just put the Ancient and Medieval versions of the rules on 25%-off summer sale, so it is a great chance to pick up a hard-copy if you don't have one, or buy a copy for a friend!  It's only a short sale, though, so don't delay!


New Early Arab list-- all the camels you might ever want! July 05 2018

Find it in the Cradle of Civilizations booklet! There really are a whole lot of camels. I promise. :-)

Even Stronger V6 is available for download June 19 2018


This is the latest version of the free supplement to the To the Strongest! Ancients and Medieval rules. You can download it from here:

Enhanced "Kingdoms of the East" booklet released! June 12 2018

This now included much extended Alexandrian Macedonian and Alexandrian Imperial lists with extensive notes written by Justin Vorhis- a great read!

Privacy Policy May 24 2018

With the imminent arrival of the GDPR, I've added my Privacy Policy to the shop.

Extended Alexandrian Macedonian list May 11 2018

Chum Justin Vorhis has very kindly helped me to revise the former "Rise of Macedon" list and added extensive notes- it's well worth a read- you can find it in the "Frogs around a Pond" booklet!

"Dash" chits are back in the shop March 27 2018

...I had run out, but now have loads, again!  :-)

For King and Parliament is in the house! March 23 2018

The new TtS! For King and Parliament rules, written by Andrew Brentnall and I, are in the BigRedBatshop!  Yeay!

New army lists! March 01 2018

With the pre-Chalgrove freeze now over, I've been able to publish a few army lists that I and others have been working on. These include:-

  • Scythians in the Cradle of Civilization booklet
  • Jurchen, Hsi Hsia and Khitans in the Oriental booklet
  • Feudal English in the High Medieval booklet


Mats on Sale January 29 2018

I've put some Deep-Cut mats on sale in various designs and grids.  You can find them here!

New lists published November 28 2017

Southern Italian Tribes in Rise of Rome and Feudal English in High Medieval.

Even Stronger V5 published November 26 2017

This latest version of the supplement includes some clarifications of the rules on pike depth and generals replaying activation cards, a clarification regarding overhead shooting, a change to the stacking of combined light units, and an exception in ZOCs permitting units in a ZOC but behind another friendly unit to rally. Not a great many changes...

You can download it from here: -

I'm not planning to make further changes until after the "Worlds" in late February. All comments welcome!

To The Strongest! en Français November 21 2017

Robert Tison et le club les Nerviens ont gratieusement traduit la règle To The Strongest! en Français. Si vous avez acheté la règle en Anglais et que vous désirez recevoir une copie gratuite de celle-ci en Français au format PDF,  veuillez contacter Simon Miller @ simonmiller60 at gmail dot com.

New Tibetan and Medieval Vietnamese lists October 15 2017

Published today in "Oriental".

New Early Hoplite Greek and Graeco-Indian lists posted! September 29 2017

In the "Frogs" and "Kingdoms" booklets, respectively. Enjoy! Best, Simon

New French Ordonnance and Burgundian Ordonnance lists published August 04 2017 the LAter Medieval booklet!

Khmer and Champa and Later Arab lists added July 27 2017

You can the Khmer and Champa in the Oriental booklet and the Later Arabs in Kingdoms of the East.

Many new lists! July 26 2017

I have been steadily adding new lists, and there are now nearly 170. All the lists can be found in the Index- both in booklet order and alphabetical order (on the second tab). Enjoy!