Updated Ancient Army Lists published June 04 2024

I've just published an updated version of the Ancient Army Lists, with a couple of new lists and lots more background material. If you haven't bought it yet, you can find it here.

10cm grid plains mats on promotion April 25 2024

...the larger sized mats (6'x4' and 8'x4') are roughly 10% off, for the next week or so.

New FK&P 15 base design January 17 2024 wait a year for new bases, and then two lots come along at the same time! This design has the same footprint as the very popular FK&P13b, but is divided into two. Each half base would take up to four sensibly-sized 28mm foot minis but I think it would also be a cracking base for 15mm or 10mm minis.


New circular command base designs in the shop January 16 2024

I've just loaded some new packs of circular command bases to the shop, in 85mm, 60mm, 40mm and 30mm diameter. These are intended to provide more versatility when basing generals and vignettes. You can find them all here. 

BigRedBatShop Christmas Break 2023 December 07 2023

Hi all, I'll be taking a break from Thursday 21st December until Tuesday 1st January, inclusive. During this time I'll send out any digital orders, but won't post physical orders. I'll be back at the coal-face on Tuesday 2nd January, and will send everything out, then. I hope that you all have a splendid Christmas break!

Christmas Break December 17 2022

I'll take a short break at Christmas and won' t be posting any orders between Wednesday 21st December and Thursday 29th December, inclusive. You can still order physical items, and I'll post them out on the 30th.I will continue to fulfil any digital orders during the period. 

I hope that everyone enjoys an excellent festive break!

Selling Digital products into the EU January 15 2021

Regrettably, because I'm a small business that isn't registered for VAT, I can no longer sell digital products into the EU. :-(  

However, I've set up a new shop on Wargames Vault so that EU customers still buy all my digital products. You'll also be able to get updates as they become available.  You can find them here!   Wargames Vault.  :-)



VAT on sales into the EU January 01 2021

Regrettably, following Brexit, customers within the EU will now need to pay VAT upon receipt of their physical goods at the local rates payable in their country. Depending upon the country, there may also be a handling fee.

I  run a small business which is not registered for VAT in the UK, so I am unable to refund VAT. :-(

US Postal Price increase June 30 2020

Prices for posting to the USA have increased in line with the UPU agreement, and, regrettably, I've had to pass them on. There doesn't appear to be a price increase on orders up to 750g, except for bulky orders. The price increase is greatest on orders between 750g and 2Kg.  Larger orders, over 2Kg, only cost a little bit more than they did, previously.  I'll work to minimise the additional cost by packing sensibly and splitting orders, where appropriate, refunding excess postage.

Imminent US Postal Price Increase June 13 2020

From July 1st, the cost of postage to the USA will increase dramatically. Royal Mail haven't published the details yet, but I hear that it could be as much as 50-100% greater than at present. So please get your US orders in by close of play on 29th of June!

Still shipping! March 24 2020

I'm very pleased to report that all at BigRedBatCave are well and will hopefully stay that way, as we are now pretty much cut off from the outside world. As a home-based business I'm still able to continue working, but I will reduce my trips to the Post Office to once or twice a week, so it is likely to take a few extra days for your order to arrive. 

I hope you all stay well, and we can meet up again in the autumn!

New army lists! March 02 2020

There is a new South Slav army list in "Medieval Balkans" and a new Middle Assyrian in "Cradle of Civilization". Enjoy!

New Medieval Balkans booklet! February 17 2020

I've just published a new booklet of army lists, called "Medieval Balkans". The nine new lists (and two existing lists that have joined them from other booklets) cover the Medieval Balkans from 1204 CE to c.1500 CE or so. The new lists have been written by "Balkan" Dave Watson, to whom I am very grateful! There are now a mighty 228 army lists. :)

You can download the new booklet from here Medieval Balkans.

Scandinavian Leidang list published! February 11 2020

Added a new Scandinavian Leidang list in "Early Medieval", many thanks to Derek Pearson!

Later Hindu Indian and several other lists published. December 09 2019

Later Hindu Indian in "Across the Indus!", uploaded today.


Khwarazmian list in "High Medieval"
Turkish Tribes and Kingdoms list in "Oriental"
Later Medieval Portuguese list and rewrote the Castilian list (now Later Medieval Spanish) in "Later Medieval".
Magyar list in "Early Medieval".

Enjoy!  Best, Simon


New Later Muslim Indian list published October 30 2019

Elephants, sir? How many would you like?

It's in "Across the Indus".

Indo-Skythian army list published! October 24 2019

It's in "Across the Indus."  Enjoy!

More new lists! October 18 2019

I've just added a new Western Frankish list in "Early Medieval", and a Kyrenean Greek list in "Frogs about a Pond" and a new Low Countries list in "Later Medieval" -there are also quite a few edits to other lists in these booklets.

New army lists published October 01 2019

I've recently added several new army lists. Please look out for the new Mercenary Greek list in "Frogs about a Pond" (Xenophon, anyone?), Hephthalite (White Huns) in "Across the Indus" and Old and Middle Kingdom Egyptian in "Cradle of Civilization." 


New "Across the Indus!" army lists published! May 09 2019

I'm pleased to announce that chum Justin Vorhis has written some great new Indian and Hindu Kush lists, which I've edited, and we've created a whole new booklet of lists covering the sub-continent up to c500 CE. We'll add to it, later. You can find it here; enjoy!

Spanking new River-Tracks from Flatpack Forces! March 22 2019

I'm really delighted to announce a tie-up with Andrew Fielden of Flatpack Forces who has introduced the first of a range of new terrain products that will enhance the look of our battlefields. The first product, River-Track, comes in packs of either 120cm of straights, 180-degrees of curves, or crossroads, all 7cm wide. Printed on MDF using a new technology, it is, excitingly, reversible, with a photo-realistic track on one side, and a river (with stunning ripples) upon the other. Double bubble! The pieces link together in a jigsaw arrangement and are light, hard-wearing and easy to store.

River-Track is designed to fit the 15cm grid, but can be used with 20cm or larger grids or, of course, with non-gridded terrain. These are plenty of short sections, including curves and crossroads, which make it highly configurable. Should the pieces prove as popular as I expect, I will ask him to make fields, marshes, lakes and suchlike that will match the various grid sizes. You can find them here in the BigRedBatshop!

New rvers and roads are in the shop! January 17 2019

I've got a limited stock of the new terrain strips from Deep-Cut, that can be laid across mats. They are very nice- want to deploy a road or river in 5 seconds, at Chalgrove?  These are your friends!  


Dirt Road

Cobblestone Road

They go well with the Plains mat. I don't even need a stream at the Chalgrove tournament, but might just treat myself, anyhow. :-)

Revised TtS! Quick Reference Sheet published! January 10 2019

This is an important update to the QRS sheet. The save modifier lines have been expanded and are now very much easier to use. They include a hitherto-missing save for elephants vs. mounted. Some redundant lines have been removed. This version is a big improvement over the one in the rule book, and you can download it from here!

More new bases in the shop December 15 2018

...extra ranks for your ECW foot battalia:

...and a new Foot Battalia design for the later c17th: