New Successor lists!! October 03 2016

Today I've uploaded five new Successor lists to the Kingdoms of the East booklet; enjoy!

New "grass" mats are in the shop September 05 2016

These are a deep dark green grass mat that would suit Northern Europe. They are darker green than the plains mats, and don't have patches of stones. I have them in 4x3 and 6x4, with and without grids.

I'm back! September 02 2016

Back from my holidays; batteries replenished!  Early next week I'll have a full restock of all the mats, too.  The first lot should arrive on Monday.

New bases for 10cm grids August 14 2016

Three different sizes- see them in the shop!



Rubber steel paper is in the shop! July 20 2016

This material is really useful for those who want to store their miniatures safely!

New Sagebrush steppe battle mats are in the shop July 10 2016

These are perfect for the more arid parts of Europe and Asia Minor; you can see them here.

n.b. the cloths have a lot more green in them than the photos suggest.

New bases for a 20cm grid! June 30 2016

Today I've added some new extra large bases to the shop- these take an whole unit of 24 or so miniatures and are intended for use with a 20cm grid. They can be combined to form even larger bases, still. Smaller unit bases are available, too. You can find them here in the shop.

10cm grid rough terrain markers are in the shop June 10 2016

These are smaller versions of the equivalents designed for the 15cm grid.  they are simple but do the job!  You can find them here.

Desert hills are in the shop May 14 2016

I've made eight packs of desert hills- they are a good colour match  for the Deep Cut desert mat and can be found here.  There are only eight packs so get them while you can!

New Oriental booklet! May 03 2016

This new booklet contains eight new Chinese lists written by Roger Calderbank and two Japanese lists imported from the Later Medieval  booklet.  Enjoy!

Ilkhanid Mongols added April 29 2016

... to the Later Medieval booklet.

Syrian City States added April 27 2016

Great opponents for Crusaders!  They are in the Later Medieval booklet.

Mamluks April 17 2016

My golly what an army for the cavalry lover!  Most of the cavalry veterans with lance and bow. Infantry need not apply. :-)  The list is in the Later Medieval Booklet.

Ayyubid Egyptians April 09 2016

My tour of the Middle East continues with the list covering Saladin's army.  This colourful list includes ghazi fanatics and naffutin inceniaries! It's in the Later Medieval booklet.

Fatimids April 06 2016

The Fatimids have arrived in the Early Medieval booket! Abbasids to follow shortly.

Galatia March 09 2016

The Galatians have arrived in Kingdoms of the East!

The Thracians have arrived! February 23 2016

Not one list but two- one n the Frogs around a Pond booklet, and the other in Kingdoms of the East. Enjoy!

Extended Polybian Roman Army List February 19 2016

I've just published a very much extended Polybian Roman army list- enjoy!

Extended Polybian Roman Army List February 19 2016

I've just published a very much extended Polybian Roman army list- enjoy!

The hills have I February 15 2016

Last year I made some hills for my own gaming needs.  People really liked them so now I have mass-produced them and listed them in the shop- you can find them here!

New Seleucid lists published February 05 2016 the Kingdoms of the East booklet.  I've revised the Later Ptolemaic list, too.  I plan to have a big push on the Successors over the next month or so.  Enjoy!

Breton army list published with added "feigned flight" rule. January 23 2016's in the Early Medieval booklet.  I've also put in a feigned flight alternative stratagem; if this works out OK I'll add it to some other lists such as Numidians.


Roman Empire playing cards January 21 2016

Hi chaps, for some time I've been using a TtS! deck of playing cards printed with Victorian etchings of Roman gods, Emperors and related images.  I've recently managed to buy some wholesale, so if you'd like to pick up a couple of packs yourself, you can find them here!


To err is human... January 19 2016

I've published a short sheet of errata at:-

Most of the 13 points are going to occur very rarely in play.  Later I'll update the Quick Play Sheet and possibly the PDF version.