Spanking new River-Tracks from Flatpack Forces! March 22 2019

I'm really delighted to announce a tie-up with Andrew Fielden of Flatpack Forces who has introduced the first of a range of new terrain products that will enhance the look of our battlefields. The first product, River-Track, comes in packs of either 120cm of straights, 180-degrees of curves, or crossroads, all 7cm wide. Printed on MDF using a new technology, it is, excitingly, reversible, with a photo-realistic track on one side, and a river (with stunning ripples) upon the other. Double bubble! The pieces link together in a jigsaw arrangement and are light, hard-wearing and easy to store.

River-Track is designed to fit the 15cm grid, but can be used with 20cm or larger grids or, of course, with non-gridded terrain. These are plenty of short sections, including curves and crossroads, which make it highly configurable. Should the pieces prove as popular as I expect, I will ask him to make fields, marshes, lakes and suchlike that will match the various grid sizes. You can find them here in the BigRedBatshop!