"You've designed a set of ancients rules that is going to get me back into ancient gaming after wandering many years in the wilderness looking for a set that played well and was fun.  Thanks!" L.B., UK

"Just to say what a great weekend we had. The game on Sunday morning I think was one of the best games I have ever been involved in, even though my side lost."  S.C., UK

"Bought "To the Strongest!" last night. This might be literally the only set of rules - ever - in which the Republican Roman "quincunx" formation fights AND "looks" right. And "looking right" is important!" C.C., USA

"The rules were a great success, the new players picked it up very quickly and we had an exciting game - history was turned on its head with a narrow Lancastrian win.  Congratulations on a great set of rules with TtS!, without  them I wouldn't be able to do this as anything else would be too complicated and take too long to explain." M.E., UK

"Up at the Border Rievers club in Northumberland we have been playing To the Strongest for five weeks running, an absolutely cracking set of rules and one we would thoroughly recommend. Using various Hoplite and/or Macedonian armies each game has come to a conclusion in an evening's play with no one being sure what the result was going to be 'til almost the end. Swearing is in fact compulsory up here but believe me new heights were reached as the various cards were turned over and the best manoeuvres succeeded or failed. I have been looking for a satisfactory set of ancient rules for a long time and believe this is the one. Couldn't recommend them more." D.H., UK