The Thracians have arrived! February 23 2016

Not one list but two- one n the Frogs around a Pond booklet, and the other in Kingdoms of the East. Enjoy!

Extended Polybian Roman Army List February 19 2016

I've just published a very much extended Polybian Roman army list- enjoy!

Extended Polybian Roman Army List February 19 2016

I've just published a very much extended Polybian Roman army list- enjoy!

The hills have I February 15 2016

Last year I made some hills for my own gaming needs.  People really liked them so now I have mass-produced them and listed them in the shop- you can find them here!

New Seleucid lists published February 05 2016 the Kingdoms of the East booklet.  I've revised the Later Ptolemaic list, too.  I plan to have a big push on the Successors over the next month or so.  Enjoy!

Breton army list published with added "feigned flight" rule. January 23 2016's in the Early Medieval booklet.  I've also put in a feigned flight alternative stratagem; if this works out OK I'll add it to some other lists such as Numidians.


Roman Empire playing cards January 21 2016

Hi chaps, for some time I've been using a TtS! deck of playing cards printed with Victorian etchings of Roman gods, Emperors and related images.  I've recently managed to buy some wholesale, so if you'd like to pick up a couple of packs yourself, you can find them here!


To err is human... January 19 2016

I've published a short sheet of errata at:-

Most of the 13 points are going to occur very rarely in play.  Later I'll update the Quick Play Sheet and possibly the PDF version.

New Later Medieval German list January 07 2016

This list has been added to the Later Medieval booklet- it includes new deep units of knights. As ever, I would welcome comments!

Sultinate of Rum list January 04 2016

A new list is now published in the Early Medieval booklet. It looks like an interesting one with lots of shooty cavalry and some knights, too.

The Seljuq Turks have arrived... December 27 2015 the Early Medieval booklet.  A separate Sultinate of Rum list will follow.

Free Company List December 16 2015

Bevan Marchand was kind enough to draft a Free Company list which I have given a buff and published in the Later Medieval booklet.  Enjoy!

Later Crusades list arrives! December 14 2015

It can be downloaded in the Later Medieval booklet. I'm currently looking at Seljuqs and Syrians.

New Ottoman list is available November 27 2015

It can be downloaded in the Later Medieval booklet.  I believe it is the very first list to include a war wagon (artillery)!

Mongol Conquest November 15 2015

This new list has been added to the Later Medieval booklet.

Even more mats! October 29 2015

I've just added a new Deep-Cut mat design to the shop- fields.  These are a rather brighter green than the plains mats that I already have in the shop.  They are consequently very useful for Northern Europe. Find them here in the shop!

New Third Millennium BCE Booklet! October 26 2015

I've published a new booklet of Third Millennium Lists which were written by fellow gamer Happy Wanderer of the Sumer to Sargon blog.  These include Sumer, Akkad and various other states from the area around Mesopotamia. They can be downloaded from here!  

New disorder chits added to the shop! October 15 2015

These are especially useful when using single elements of figures such as those based for DBA or Impetus, or Indeed TtS!

New mats added to the shop! October 12 2015

I've added smaller 4' by 3' mats both with 10cm grids and without grids; these would be great with 15mm and smaller miniatures sizes and can be found here.

Tell Cid! October 07 2015

This morning I added Early Feudal Spanish, Al Andalus and Almoravid Berber to the Early Medieval booklet.

Early Sumerians September 24 2015

Have arrived in the Cradle of Civilizations army list!

Deep-Cut Battle mats have arrived... September 23 2015

...dozens of them.  I now have two designs (plains and wilderness), and plain and three different grid sizes in the shop. :-)

New battle mats added to the shop! September 21 2015

Big ones, small ones, grids and no grid, plains and wilderness- I've got the lot!

Hastings victory medals added August 30 2015

Now you can purchase William the First and Harold the First silver pennies from the shop, timely what with next year's 950th anniversary!