To the Strongest! Ancient and Medieval rules - Quick Reference Sheets v1.1e Digital Edition


This is the digital version of the Quick Reference Sheets for use with "To the Strongest!" ancient and medieval wargaming rules. Permission is granted to print these off for personal use.

20/4/21 - various minor changes. Removes the extra cost of heroic generals and the victory points for scythed chariots.

24/6/20 - Changes to the melee save modifier for camels and the revised move and shoot activation for LI javelin. I have also removed the penalty that applies when rallying units that can be charged by enemy units.
13/1/19 - a few more changes of wording to improve clarity. One material change- hoplites now get the +1 that spearmen and pikemen get when charged frontally by mounted, in line with the rules text.
10/1/19 - an important update to the sheet- the expanded save modifiers are now very much easier to use, and include a missing save for elephants vs. mounted. Redundant lines (ie demoralisation) have been removed. 

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