Geek Villain grass battle mat, 6' x 4', 15cm cross-grid


These printed cloth gaming mats have been manufactured by Geek Villain for gaming with To the Strongest! They are a minimum of 6' by 4' (1800mm x 1200mm) in size, but are deliberately cut somewhat oversized, usually around 76" by 56", in order that they hang over the edges of a typical 6' x 4' gaming table.

Geek Villain mats are made from a high-quality durable fleece. The material used has a grassy “texture” and has a degree of stretch to it, which allows hills to be placed beneath it. The grass design is perfect for many parts of Europe, Asia and North America. 

This mat is printed with an unobtrusive 15cm cross-grid (i.e. not solid grid lines, but a faint cross at the intersection of the grid lines). This grid size is typically used with 28mm or 20mm minis, or larger units of 15mm miniatures.

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