TtS! For King and Parliament - Celtic Fringe extra rules book - Digital Edition


This is to purchase the digital version of the Celtic Fringe extra rules book, intended for use alongside the TtS! For King and Parliament English Civil War rules and the Montrose "To Win or Lose it All" scenario book.

By Celtic Fringe, we refer to the land and people west and north of the "Highland Line" in Scotland, and their Gaelic-speaking cousins across the Irish Sea. The book contains extra rules that build on the For King and Parliament mechanisms, modelling the traditional styles of fighting that still survived in these areas. It will also support two future scenario books in the same series, concerned with the Insurgency and Catholic Confederation in Ireland, and with Cromwell's campaigns in Ireland and Scotland.

This 26 page PDF is liberally illustrated with beautiful images of wargames minis, and is designed to either be viewed on a tablet but can be printed out and bound. When using a tablet, players can take advantage of hyperlinks which facilitate movement around the rules. After purchase, I will manually email you a copy within 24 hours (but usually within a few hours). 

***Regrettably, I cannot directly sell this product to customers within the EU, but you can buy it from Wargames Vault instead. ***

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