Bat Bases- 15cm grid, deep unit size (3)


I have designed these bases to provide an aesthetically-pleasing alternative to rectangular bases for TtS! games on a 150mm (6") grid. The irregular edges (which can be chamfered with a craft knife and/or sanded) have a naturalistic look which blends much better with a base cloth than do  rectangular bases. They are cut from 2mm MDF; 3mm diameter magnets (supplied separately) can be fitted into the holes to secure them in storage or transport.
This pack includes three deep unit bases, each approximately 130mm by 85mm in size for use with a 15cm grid. Each will take 18-24 28mm infantry or 3-6 cavalry. One can store 4 deep units (plus 2 standard units) in a 4 litre Really Useful Box.