Bat Bases- FK&P later infantry battalia bases (FK&P1x2, FK&P12a x 1, FK&P12b x 1)


I designed these bases for infantry battalia in For King and Parliament. The two larger bases each take eight or a dozen 28mm minis, the smaller bases take five to eight minis.
My intention is that in these period when many regiments had similar uniforms (often grey) the front base with the distinctive standards can be interchanged- so I'll do multiple command stands so that I can maximise the variety of regiments I can field. 
The bases are cut from 2mm MDF; 3mm diameter magnets (sold separately) can be fitted into the holes to secure them in storage or transport. The edges of the bases can be chamfered with a craft knife and the naturalistic appearance of the wobbly edges helps them to merge into the playing surface. 
This pack includes four bases, making a unit 25cm wide (the same unit size that  Simon uses on a 30cm grid): the bases are approximately 85mm wide and either 70mm (FK&P1) or 45mm (FK&P12a and 12b) deep.