Bat Bases- rubber/steel sheet for use with magnetically-based figures


This pack includes two self-adhesive rubber sheets impregnated with iron filings for use lining Really Useful Boxes (box and minis are not included). It is intended for use with magnetically based-miniatures and is invaluable for safe storage and transport. It takes one-and-a-bit sheets to line a 4L Really Useful Box. Four packs will line seven 4L boxes.

The material has a peel-off backing sheet and can be applied in seconds. The material can be easily cut to fit with a craft knife or scissors. The most efficient way to apply the sheet is to:-

1. Peel back about an inch of the backing
2. Carefully align this at one end of the box and press into place.
3. Gradually peel the rest of the backing from underneath, a couple of cm at a time, whilst pressing the sheet against the box. Try to avoid making air bubbles- but if you should get any, you can prick them and press the air out.
4. If lining a 4L box, cut a small extra strip, 4cm wide, and press into place.