Chits of War - Burnt Orange


These chits have been cut from 2mm MDF, for use with "To the Strongest!" and "TtS! For King and Parliament". Numbered chits are an excellent alternative to using playing cards, especially when gaming on the smaller grids. These can be drawn from a cup or cloth bag and used in exactly the same manner as playing cards.

  • The set includes 80 chits, numbered from 1-10, in Burnt orange.
  • The set is coloured, so it won't easily be mixed up with chits in other colours.
  • The white numbers are easy to read from a distance.
  • These chits are two-sided, so you don't need to turn them over, speeding play.
  • The paint includes a varnish so they are hard-wearing.

If you should lose a chit (it happens!), please message me and I can include a replacement in a future order, or for the cost of postage.