To the Strongest! Ancient and Medieval rules - Digital Edition


This is the Digital edition of the "To the Strongest!" ancient and medieval wargaming rules. The rules enable two or more players to fight ancient and medieval battles on a tabletop, in around two hours. This version, 1.1F, includes the latest version of the save tables (April 2023).

This 76 page PDF includes army lists, diagrams and numerous images of beautifully painted wargames figures and battles, and is just over 5 MB in size. It is designed to either be viewed on a tablet or printed out and bound. 

After you purchase this I will email you a copy, usually within 24 hours. I will also mail you any future updates to this version of the rules. 

*** Regrettably, I cannot directly sell this product to customers within the European Union, but you can buy it from Wargames Vault , instead ***