Plains design battle mat, 12' x 6', 30cm cross grid - The Ginormous One!


These printed cloth gaming mats manufactured by Deep-Cut Studio in Lithuania are perfect for gaming with To the Strongest!, being 12' by 6' (3600mm x 1800mm) and printed with an unobtrusive 30cm grid, marked with crosses at the corner of the squares, instead of solid grid lines. This cross-grid (not shown in the first image) is subtle- many people don't even notice it until it is pointed out to them- but once you know it is there, it easy to follow it.

To maximise the depth of the table, there are two half-boxes at the edge rows- I've included a diagram to explain this. This effectively gives an extra row which is very useful in play. This is the mat I generally use for my big FK&P games, at shows, with 26 cm wide units.

The plains design mat - largely grass with patches of stone - is perfect for many parts of Europe, Asia and North America. I use this for my ECW gaming. Hills can be placed on top or even, if shallow, underneath. The mats can be washed, ironed and folded or rolled away for storage.