Sagebrush steppe design battle mat, 3' x 2', 7.5cm grid


These printed cloth gaming mats manufactured by Deep-Cut Studio in Lithuania are perfect for gaming with To the Strongest!, being 3' by 2' (900mm x 600mm) and printed with a 7.5cm grid. This grid will typically be usually be used for smaller figure scales such as 2mm, 6mm or 10mm minis, mounted on 6cm bases.

This is the revised Steppe design from Deep-Cut; it is somewhat greener than Deep-Cut's images suggest. The mat depicts dried grass with shrubs and patches of bare earth and is ideal for arid parts of Southern Europe, Asia and North America. It is perfect for the sagebrush steppe of the Old West. Hills can be placed on top or even, if shallow, underneath. The mats can be washed, ironed and folded or rolled away for storage.