To the Strongest! Ancient and Medieval - Even Stronger Supplement V8c - updated 30/9/20


These are additional rules intended for use with "To the Strongest!", in the form of a free digital download. Permission is granted to print these off for personal use.

30/9/20 - V8d released. Significant changes to pike and artillery (cannon).
24/6/20 - V8c released. A fair few changes, well worth downloading!
27/3/20 - V8b released. A few changes notably evades, field squares and ZoCs and some sections rewritten.
 5/12/19 - V8a released. Only three changes, but I've added a new section on card play during tournaments.
1/11/19 - V8 released. Not very many changes, but a significant one to evades.
13/1/19 - V7c released. Another minor update it states that mounted in rough MAY evade (albeit not very effectively), and increases the VPs for Brilliant Generals to 3.
29/12/18 - V7b released.  Again, this is extremely similar to v7, but clarifies the save modifier for elephants and elephant screen vs. mounted.
16/11/18 - V7a released. This is 99.9% similar to v7, but has some improved wording on zones of control and an amendment on scythed chariots.
1/10/18 - V7 released. Relatively little has changed since V6, although there are important changes to evades and cataphracts.
19/6/18 - V6 released. This doesn't introduce many new rules (a few minor changes), but I have tried to clarify several rules that people have found unclear.
26/11/17 - V5 released.
23/10/17 - V4 released- new rules for allies and edits to other rules. 
18/8/17 - V3 released- several more important new rules and edits to other rules.