TtS! For King and Parliament - Battle of Edgehill unit cards


Edgehill is one of the most iconic battles of the English Civil War. These cards, sold in the form of a 17 page digital file, can be printed, cut out and used to re-fight the battle, in conjunction with the TtS! Battle of Edgehill scenario (available separately) and For King and Parliament rules, although the cards could equally well be used with other rule systems, too.

There are cards for all general officers, some colonels and all the units that we have been able to identify as present at the battle. They are additional cards for Parliamentarian reinforcements that might have influenced the battle, had they arrived in time. There are also cards permitting an alternative deployment of the Royalist foot in a Thirty Years War "Swedish" style, which may have been used in the battle. Finally, there are card overlays that will indicate whether your horse is pursuing, or your foot formed up in hedgehog.

The cards can be printed either for use with a 10cm grid (9' x 4' playing surface) or a 7.5cm grid (6' x 3' playing surface). They can also be used in conjunction with miniatures, taping each card under a unit's base so that only the tag with the unit's name and details upon it, protrudes.

Within 24 hours of your purchase (usually within just a few hours) I will send you an email which will include a four page PDF booklet which describes how to print, prepare and use the cards, and a link that you can use to download the large 25Mb file containing the unit cards, themselves.

***Regrettably, I cannot directly sell this product to customers within the EU, but you can buy it from here, instead Wargames Vault ***