TtS! For King and Parliament - Battle of Roundway Down scenario


The TtS! Battle of Roundway Down scenario is a digital download, designed for the TtS! For King and Parliament English Civil War rules, but useful with other rule systems too. It  will suit two to four players. It's a most unusual battle, with the Royalist army consisting almost entirely of horse, heavily outnumbered and attacking uphill. And winning!

The 12 page PDF includes a brief account of the campaign and a reconstruction of the battle. It contains orders of battle for both sides, two alternative deployment diagrams and several images of beautifully painted wargames figures. It can be viewed on a tablet or printed out and bound. 

You may also wish to purchase the associated TtS! Battle of Roundway Down unit cards; these can be printed out, and used, in conjunction with the scenario, to re-fight the battle. Please note that I will manually email your PDF to you within 24 hours (but usually within just a few hours).

***Regrettably, I cannot directly sell this product to customers within the EU, but you can buy it from here, instead Wargames Vault ***